How your SXA site gets resolved?

I have been looking at the Sitecore SXA for quite a long time now. If you are not aware of Sitecore SXA – Visit here. Having worked on full software development life cycle and on different technologies, It always interests me to look something which connects Front-End technologies and Back-End technologies. SXA provides a great platform for the developers to be able to build site robustly, Manage the Themes, Manage the Media library assets etc.

If you are working/playing with SXA, you will be aware of SXA Site Manager. It displays all the sites created using the SXA and the default (website) site as well. When i checked the <sites> section of the Sitecore.config, i couldn’t find the entries for the sites created using SXA. And it is obvious as doing such will restart your IIS application pool. I was curious how site gets resolved as i have already used Multiple Site Manager module in past which follows the similar kind of approach. Let’s find it out.

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