Reporting database rebuild issue in Sitecore 9.2 scaled environment

We all must have gone through issue where analytics dashboard not showing latest reports. Recently, we were facing the same issue on one of our environment which is on-prem scaled instance of Sitecore 9.2 version.

We checked all different possible issues like 1) xConnect models not deployed to xConnect role 2) Marketing Automation service getting stopped due to credentials or certificate issue 3) Processing role getting stopped after ideal timeout.

We fixed all these issues and we were able to see the latest data in analytics dashboard. But we were not able to see past data as they were collected but not processed.

So, we wanted to do a reporting database rebuild as mentioned in We performed all steps mentioned in this document. Now it was time to launch below URL on ContentManagement role and execute the rebuild by providing date range if required.


We faced below error when launching above URL:


As per, if you’re having scaled environment where you have different ContentManagement and different Reporting role, you need to have Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Client.config enabled and configured reporting server URL & schema properly.

We double checked and everything was specified for attributes serviceUrl, requireHttps, connectionStringName, headerName etc. And all patching was getting applied properly as well. As per issue we tried to search serviceHostUrl in config files but we couldn’t found single instance.


We then realized that somehow parameter for reporting URL is misspelled in Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Client.config. And in scaled version, it uses the API to call reporting rebuild on Reporting role. By changing param desc from serviceUrl to serviceHostUrl on ContentManagement role fixed our issue and we were able to browse rebuildreportingDB.aspx page.

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