Troubleshooting Sitecore on Azure PAAS – Part 3


Today we are going to discuss the Scaling feature of Azure and in particular Scale out and how you can troubleshoot your Sitecore instances. If you haven’t gone through earlier posts on troubleshooting Sitecore on Azure PAAS, do visit

One of the reason enterprise level organizations wants their site in Azure PAAS is the ability to scale at anytime with little to no efforts. Azure provides great scaling options. There are two main ways that an application can scale:

  • Vertical scaling, also called scaling up and down, means changing the capacity of a resource. For example, you could move an application to a larger VM size. Vertical scaling often requires making the system temporarily unavailable while it is being redeployed. Therefore, it’s less common to automate vertical scaling.

  • Horizontal scaling, also called scaling out and in, means adding or removing instances of a resource. The application continues running without interruption as new resources are provisioned. When the provisioning process is complete, the solution is deployed on these additional resources. If demand drops, the additional resources can be shut down cleanly and deallocated.

Both kind of scaling can be done automatic or manually. Automatic scaling can be done based on Resource Metrics, Custom Metrics, Time, Metric/time based Rules, Default Scaling.

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