Troubleshooting Sitecore on Azure PAAS – Part 2

Check out the Part – 1 of Troubleshooting Sitecore on Azure PAAS if you haven’t already.

First request slow? No. Subsequent requests after first request slow.

Generally when we access any website URL, first time it takes time. As it downloads all the assets like CSS, JavaScript, Images etc. But for all subsequent requests it loads page faster as browser has already cached the static assets.

We are having a site which is on Sitecore 9.0.2 on Azure PAAS. Dev/QA are single app while UAT have different CM and CD. All our web app are on Standard tier S3 plan.

Here, i was facing exact opposite scenery. First request was quite fast (Approx 3-4 seconds). But if i refresh the page or access any page of site just after first request, it get’s spinning. And it takes a lot of time (Approx 80-90 seconds). Strange. Here’s what i tried:

Check if custom pipelines or components are culprit

  • I tried first disabling all the custom httprequestbegin and MVC.PageItem pipelines. That was the first thing in the list as we were having quite a few processors in these pipelines for Language resolving, Currency resolving, Page Not Found, Error Page, Wildcard module. But even after disabling all the things, same issue. Not a slight improvement. Note: We left few processor enabled as without that site would not function properly. But we verified there isn’t anything in that processor that can cause this issue.
  • I was sure that we are not that much talented that we write code that behave in this way. Still i wanted to remove this possibility. So, i created an item which was only having a Sample MVC layout and not a single component. When i was accessing this item URL, still the issue was same. So, there isn’t any issue in any of the component.

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