Different way of controller rendering in Sitecore. Differences & Doubts

I recently downloaded the latest version of Sitecore which is 8.2.X. And when i was playing with default vanilla instance, i met few things related to controller rendering new which led me dig into it. So, here i am sharing my experience with controller rendering in Sitecore. I am not sure if that is the case with everyone or i interpreted few things wrong. Intention for writing this is to spread my view as well have opinion of community experts stating what’s true and what’s not.


After installing Sitecore 8.2 vanilla version, i found that there is a folder inside /sitecore/layout/ named Controllers just like we had models.

000It was present there since some previous versions. Not exactly sure from which version and why. So, i tried to figured out how to use it.

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Simple. Not easy – Copy/Move Children – Content Editor

Today i thought to write the first blog in “Simple. Not easy” series. It may seem very basic for the Sitecore experts but i personally found it so much helpful so the Content Editors will be.

Why Copy/Move Children is  really helpful?

Generally Content Editor comes up with full loaded utility commands like Copy, Move, Delete, Delete Sub Items, Duplicate etc. But while working with one of the migration task in a project, I ran into a situation where i was required to copy all child items of particular item into another location. For ex: /sitecore/content/home1 has 50 child items and i need to move it to something /sitecore/content/global/pages. Now only option i find is to copy individual items from /home1 to /pages.

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Sitecore Helix – Converting existing Sitecore solution into Helix standards

Helix is a set of overall design principles and conventions for Sitecore development. With the evolution of Sitecore itself and large enterprise solutions growing as per company’s business, there is a requirement to define a standard which simplifies the Sitecore development as well maintenance.

Helix is most buzzed word you will hear nowadays. Most of the Sitecore solutions provider has adopted this standard principle while delivering new and all upcoming Sitecore Web Applications. It is little hard to move from the traditional development (vary by person to person) to Helix standards. But once you are familiar with the terms/Standards, Believe me – You will likely love it. There is a well written documentation on  Helix, Habitat – An example solution based on Helix standards which you can refer as example of Helix, And there are many courses/presentation going on Helix.

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