EvoPDF – Merging PDFs, Editing existing PDF, and Giving internal link

You may have faced several scenarios where you need a functionality to be develop in which you need to convert html – a web page into PDF.

There are several third party dlls available for conversion from html to pdf in Asp.Net. Among those you can consider EvoPDF/Winnovative as one of the best option having large variety of functionality available. Click here for more information on EvoPDF.

You can see from the link provided above for EvoPDF, they have covered many functionalities with example and sample code. still it’s a large globe and we may find some situation for which we may need to struggle a little bit. I am sharing here few functionality which i have encountered recently and at the end everything working like a charm.

Merging PDFs

Here, we will see basic functionality to create PDF from html and merging it with some existing PDF available to generate a new merged PDF.

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