Jquery Datatable: Implementing Load on demand Server side with PageMethod/WebMethod

Jquery Datatable is one of the best plugin which we can use in alternate of GridView.

Though there are so many examples available at https://www.datatables.net/ for sever side processing with .txt or .php as AjaxSource. But there isn’t full example on achieving Load on demand with server side processing in asp.net by using PageMethod/WebMethod.

So, if you are looking for similar solution, please walk through below sample code.

Important: Before jumping into the code, it can be beneficial if you have some knowledge of datatable terminology and parameters we send to PageMethod/WebMethod or Parameters we return from PageMethod/WebMethod.

Click here for more information on Parameters sent to the server and returned from server.

Click here for more information on Datatable Methods.

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Custom Validator: validation with ajax call

Hello/Namaste all,

Nowadays we do not like to work with postbacks and update panel, this is the time of Jquery/Javascript and Ajax.

So, sometimes we wanted to validate a form from javascript itself without doing postback by calling some method in code behind. So, today we will see how we can validate a form from javascript by doing ajax call to code behind. And what kind of difficulties we will face.

Starting with, we can use custom validator’s client side javascript function, Ajax call ($ajax() function), PageMethod/WebMethod to validate from javascript having actual logic in code behind PageMethod/WebMethod.

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Custom Validator: Pass custom parameter to clientside validation function from code behind

Hello readers,

It is common we uses all kind of validators in our daily programming. Custom Validator is one of them and may be very interesting too.

Recently i was needed to add one Custom Validator to the page and i was needed to validate a control dynamically based on condition. so that i was needed to pass some custom parameter from code behind to clientside validation function based on which i will determine which control to validate.

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Sitecore 8: Versioned Layouts

Hello Everyone,

When i was exploring sitecore 8 version i found a very much helpful feature that sitecore team introduced is Versioned Layout.

Versioned Layout means you can have language specific layout. which you can specify for different language version of an item. For ex: English version of an item can have English version Layout, German version of an item can have German version Layout.

Why We required it?

As sitecore already provides language version for an item, so we can easily achieve multilingual site in sitecore. so, question comes in mind when we can use versioned layout?

When there is multilingual site with same layout structure we do not required versioned layout. but if specific to some language we want to change the whole UI of the site than we can now achieve it with the versioned layout.

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