Sitecore MVC!

Sitecore has introduced Sitecore MVC from version Sitecore 6.6. As there are some benefits of Asp.Net MVC over Webforms, Sitecore has also given support for using MVC with Sitecore.

As most of us who knows Sitecore, are familiar working with Sitecore with Webforms. Than there are few questions which raises in our mind:

  1. When to use Sitecore with Webforms and Sitecore MVC
  2. When to use both Sitecore with Webforms and Sitecore MVC in one signle solution.
  3. What are the advantages of using Sitecore MVC
  4. How we can implement Sitecore MVC
  5. How Sitecore MVC is different than a Asp.Net MVC (I will try to post on this topic in detail covering page life cycles for Asp.Net MVC and Sitecore MVC)

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