Sitecore Habitat Home installation – Build Error & PackageReference

Currently, i am starting a new project which is based on eCommerce solution build in legacy .net platform which i need to move to Sitecore. I wanted to have a look at all the solutions & structures available in community like Habitat, Sitecore Commerce 9.0.2 (A storefront example with the help of SXA), Habitat Home Demo.

I have already configured Habitat solution many times in local or on server without visual studio installed. I also installed Sitecore Commerce 9.0.2 with the help of installation guide provided by Sitecore and an excellent blog by @viet_hoang_sc: . Now, it was turn for Habitat Home Demo.

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NameLookupList field with query and dynamic item/field sources

Sitecore provides NameValueList & NameLookupValueList fields for storing Key/Value pair of dynamic n number of data. These fields are highly usefull though they don’t come to use that often like Treelist or Multilist fields.

Recently, for one of my requirements, i was needed to lookup the key instead of the values. And values will be entered manually. I was already aware of the such custom field created by @jammykam which you can find here: 

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Sitecore EXM 9.0.1 – Email from existing page not working

Sitecore EXM is a tool to use for creating Email Marketing Campaigns within Sitecore. Sitecore EXM brings number of advantages over widely used third party tools like MailChimp, ConstantContact etc. If you’re not sure of anything below:

  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How Sitecore EXM works?
  • What are the differences between Sitecore EXM and third party tools like MailChimp, ConstantContact?
  • Advantages of Sitecore EXM
  • SUGCON India 2018 happened recently in Bangalore –

Please look the sessions slide page of SUGCON India 2018 where i have answered all your queries above in my session Introduction to EXM and how Marketing Automation helps. Click here to directly download the slide for EXM.

Steps to create email campaign based on existing page?

This is one of the great feature Sitecore EXM provides us to create an email campaign based on existing page of your Sitecore website. This allows you to send the exactly same page or page based on different device to be sent to your desired recipients. You can follow below steps to create an email campaign based on existing page in your website. But before that, you required to install Sitecore 9 update – 1 (9.0.1). With which Sitecore EXM comes by default installed.  Continue reading “Sitecore EXM 9.0.1 – Email from existing page not working”

How your SXA site gets resolved?

I have been looking at the Sitecore SXA for quite a long time now. If you are not aware of Sitecore SXA – Visit here. Having worked on full software development life cycle and on different technologies, It always interests me to look something which connects Front-End technologies and Back-End technologies. SXA provides a great platform for the developers to be able to build site robustly, Manage the Themes, Manage the Media library assets etc.

If you are working/playing with SXA, you will be aware of SXA Site Manager. It displays all the sites created using the SXA and the default (website) site as well. When i checked the <sites> section of the Sitecore.config, i couldn’t find the entries for the sites created using SXA. And it is obvious as doing such will restart your IIS application pool. I was curious how site gets resolved as i have already used Multiple Site Manager module in past which follows the similar kind of approach. Let’s find it out.

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Sitecore SPEAK 2.0 CRUD operation part 2 – List component & Query Datasource

In this part we will see the operations like Listing & Delete in a Speak application. What i am doing here? I first wanted to create a form to save the data. If so, visit the first part here We will walk through ListControl & QueryDataSource in detail to complete the exercise along with binding complex (DropLink) field.

Create a blank SPEAK application

We already seen how to create a speak page using the branch template DashboardPage for 2.0 version in previous blog post. Let’s follow the same steps and create a page under /sitecore/client/Your Apps/DemoApp We will call it Departments for our exercise.

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Sitecore SPEAK 2.0 CRUD operation part 1 – Form component

I have worked on several Speak application through out different projects. But all used to be simple having date range and a submit button which upon clicking exports the data to excel format. But this time i had to create a little complex form having many form fields. There are many good blogs available. For ex: Speak for newbies by @mhwelander, Google map speak component by @gorhal, and many more.

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Different way of controller rendering in Sitecore. Differences & Doubts

I recently downloaded the latest version of Sitecore which is 8.2.X. And when i was playing with default vanilla instance, i met few things related to controller rendering new which led me dig into it. So, here i am sharing my experience with controller rendering in Sitecore. I am not sure if that is the case with everyone or i interpreted few things wrong. Intention for writing this is to spread my view as well have opinion of community experts stating what’s true and what’s not.


After installing Sitecore 8.2 vanilla version, i found that there is a folder inside /sitecore/layout/ named Controllers just like we had models.

000It was present there since some previous versions. Not exactly sure from which version and why. So, i tried to figured out how to use it.

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